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Pembroke Pines Guardianship Attorney

Do you want to ensure that your minor children, older loved ones, or disabled family members are provided for if the unthinkable happens? Whether you’re seeking to be the guardian of your vulnerable loved ones or navigating the guardianship responsibilities, trust the Pembroke Pines guardianship attorneys at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to assist you.

Adult guardianship and conservatorship

Guardianship is a significant responsibility, involving control over a person’s life and numerous obligations in the ward’s best interest. Having a lawyer guide you through the documentation and legal processes associated with becoming a guardian or selecting one is advisable.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we recognize the importance of guardianship for your loved ones who need extra support to lead an everyday life. We are committed to providing you with legal assistance, whether you’re developing a guardianship plan, asserting your right to be a guardian, or fulfilling your role as one.

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Understanding Legal Guardianship

Legal guardianship can be aptly defined as an arrangement where a person has neither full nor limited authority to decide on behalf of another person or ward.

legal guardianship of a child

A ward may include an orphaned child, a disabled or elderly loved one, or someone unable to make well-informed decisions independently. As a guardian, one is responsible for the ward’s affairs, encompassing asset protection, handling liabilities, and providing support until the ward can make decisions autonomously.

In Florida, a stringent process determines legal guardianship eligibility. Our Pembroke Pines guardianship attorneys can guide you through the relevant statutes, ensuring the proper care and support for your loved ones under legal guardianship.

What a Guardianship Attorney Can Do for You

Some people believe that they do not require legal support when deciding on a guardianship plan for their loved ones. Others believe it is an expensive venture, while others see it as prolonging matters.

legal processHowever, guardianship attorneys can make a difference in guardianship cases, and here are some of the ways they can help:


If you are preparing a guardianship plan for the future or fighting for guardianship, you can trust a guardianship attorney to help you file the petition. They can also serve as your official representative during the court hearing.

Identify Responsibilities

In preparing a guardianship arrangement, the legal guardian must be familiar with their responsibilities, including monitoring the assets and addressing the needs of their ward. Guardianship entails understanding, maintaining, and gathering relevant records for court proceedings.


Guardianship attorneys can also help guardians understand the current guardianship laws of Florida and any amendments they need to understand. They will also teach the procedures for amending or challenging guardianship arrangements.

Asset Protection

Guardianship ensures that a ward’s assets are protected until they can handle them independently. The attorney ensures these assets will be covered from any liabilities during guardianship.


Guardianship attorneys can advise parents or guardians regarding alternative options for protecting their loved ones if guardianship is unsuitable. They are also available to offer legal advice to your ward when needed.

Our Pembroke Pines guardianship attorneys are ready to assist you promptly with your concerns. Just inform us of your needs, and we will determine the appropriate legal actions to set your arrangement in motion.

Why Choose Us?

Regarding legal matters involving future events, trust our Pembroke Pines, FL, law firm to provide the proper legal assistance. Whether you need help with guardianship plans or similar procedures, we will help you prepare for any potential scenarios.

Our experienced attorneys will assess your guardianship case and assist in establishing a plan to protect your loved ones in the event of your incapacitation or passing. We handle your case carefully, keeping you well-informed to make informed decisions at every step.

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation

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Given the potential risks your loved ones may face due to their age or condition, ensuring their protection through a guardian empowered to make decisions on their behalf is crucial.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is always ready to help you ahead, create the perfect guardianship plan for your loved ones, and get it enforced immediately. We will do our best to fight for the guardianship arrangement that your ward will benefit most and provide further legal support if needed. So, don’t wait! Our Pembroke Pines guardianship lawyers are ready to assist and get you started!

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