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Many would often say that planning is the best way to reduce one’s stress in life. This also includes what will be done to one’s assets, properties, and liabilities when incapacitated or passed away. While it is a scary notion to think about, planning for this eventuality is easy if you work with an experienced legal team familiar with the proper legal procedures used during this moment, such as wills and trusts. If you are looking for highly skilled Pompano Beach wills and trusts attorneys, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is the one you seek.

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Wills and trusts are two legal options to ensure your assets and properties are distributed to the proper beneficiaries when you pass away. However, each option is different in terms of how asset distribution is done and how much is given to the beneficiaries. It must also be explicitly written for estate administration to proceed smoothly and not be contested by the beneficiaries.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our wills and trust attorneys understand the importance of having a written will or trust for your loved ones to rely on when something happens to you. We will do our best to make the legal process easier for you to understand and help you write a will or trust to protect the future of those you leave behind. Our attorneys will also handle your situation compassionately and professionally to help your beneficiaries when the unthinkable happens.

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Things to Remember in Wills and Trusts

When planning your estate, you must first understand the difference between a will and a trust.

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A legal will is an official document detailing instructions on distributing a person’s assets after death. It must be written with specific instructions regarding how assets are distributed, beneficiaries, memorial arrangements, etc. The absence of a will can impact how valuable assets are distributed, especially in other states, as they may impose high estate taxes.

On the other hand, a trust is a document that aids beneficiaries in avoiding the probate process when handling a deceased person’s assets. Similar to a will, it provides instructions on asset distribution, but a third party or trustee ensures these instructions are followed. In Florida, various types of trusts are available, potentially complicating matters for those unfamiliar with them.

If you’re uncertain which option suits you best, trust our Pompano Beach wills and trust attorneys at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law. We’ll discuss your preferences and concerns and help you tailor the best solution to meet your requirements.

Why You Need a Wills & Trusts Attorney

Contrary to popular belief, creating a will or trust plan can be challenging. Wills and trusts contain legalese that you may miss when doing it on your own, and there are also specific requirements in Florida based on the type of estate administration you selected for your assets.

asset allocationWith a trusted Pompano Beach wills and trusts attorney, you can be assured of the following:


A will and a trust must be formally written to be accepted by the court and your beneficiaries. An attorney ensures your understanding of the document’s technicalities and protects the included assets from liabilities. Additionally, we ensure the smooth enforcement of the will, addressing any potential mishaps and preventing issues such as hidden or missing assets that could affect its enforcement.


A will or trust must meet specific conditions to be considered valid. These conditions include the correct signature of the asset owner and a detailed list of assets and properties designated for distribution to valid beneficiaries. An experienced attorney can confirm that the document is free from complications. If you wish to modify your will or trust, we will ensure the document recognizes and reflects the changes.

Credible Pompano Beach Wills & Trusts Attorneys

Whether you’re creating a will and trust for the first time or updating an existing one, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is here to offer reliable legal support. With our extensive experience serving diverse clients, we assure you of the best legal services and advice. Our seasoned attorneys will guide you through the process, ensuring your decisions are respected and all legal procedures are efficiently completed.

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Through our free consultation service, our team will familiarize you with the applicable laws for your will and trust. This guarantees the solidity and clarity of your documents, making them easy for your loved ones to follow. We will explain any nuances and terms, offering advice as needed. Trust our attorneys to establish the trusts for your beneficiaries promptly, leaving no room for questioning.

Our legal team is committed to supporting your beneficiaries while enforcing your will and providing them with the best legal assistance.

Free Consultation

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Establishing the proper legal safeguards is crucial to ease the burdens on your loved ones after your passing. Assigning a reliable person to enforce these safeguards is essential to prevent any uncertainties.

Our Pompano Beach, FL, law firm is dedicated to assisting you in creating a foolproof and legal will and trust fund. We ensure that the contents of your will are unquestionable and won’t be misused for nefarious purposes. Our commitment extends to enforcing your will, providing care for your beneficiaries, and handling any legal complications that may arise, sparing your loved ones from dealing with such matters.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law today at (754) 208-0435 for your Free Consultation with a Pompano Beach Wills and Trusts attorney!